How Does the "Path To Prosperity" work?

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This dynamic business development curriculum enables individuals to learn both the “Art and the Science of Business”,  while developing their own comprehensive business plan. This course empowers individuals to develop a successful self-employment enterprise.  It also guides individuals through the soul-searching process of identifying the best line of business for them to go into, and conducting a feasibility study to determine the true market potential of their proposed business. 

The “Path to Prosperity” is a patented, Business Development Curriculum designed to help individuals identify, develop and implement their own Self-Employment Enterprise.  The “Path to Prosperity” is a product of The Mack Tucker Group.

The "Path to Prosperity" is delivered in four methods

  • Textbook – 10th Anniversary Edition of “What You should Know Before Starting A Business”
  • Workbook – The Business Building Workbook
  • Instructor – “The Path to Prosperity” online video curriculum.
  • Personal Self-Employment Coach – Clients of The Mack Tucker Group have the opportunity to work with the Certified Business Development Specialists of The Dream Factory.