What is the "Path To Prosperity"?

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What Is the "Path to Prosperity"?

The "Path To Prosperity" is a patented 7-step process designed to help you turn your ideas into money

Stage One - Self-Discovery

The First Stage, Self-Discovery, guides you as to take an honest look at your skills and limitations; as well as your passions and unique abilities. 

Stage Two - Self-Development

Self-Development empowers you to begin honestly creating a road map from where you are to where you want to be. 

Stage Three - Business Discovery

In the Third Stage of Business Discovery, you will test your skills and abilities against the truth of current market conditions to discover their true value. 

Stage Four - Personal "Path to Prosperity"

In the Fourth Stage – You will refine your personal path to prosperity according to your market research.  

Stage Five - Business Development

In the Fifth Stage, Business Development, you will learn the fundamentals of Business Development while you craft your own personal business plan. 

Stage Six - Business & Personal Implementation

In Stage Six – Business and Personal Implementation – you will be assisted in putting your plans into action. 

Stage Seven - Retention and Growth

Finally, you will be empowered as you further establish and grow your Unique Business Enterprise.